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Today's news that Ben Affleck was Warner Bros.' choice to direct the Justice League movie got the entire Internet stirred up, but who can blame us? The onetime pretty boy actor has turned into a pretty respectable director thanks to The Town, Gone Baby Gone and hopefully the upcoming Argo, but the challenge of taking on a giant superhero franchise seemed to come out of nowhere-- and as many people as were excited about Affleck getting the job, there were plenty more who doubted he could do it.

But it's possible all that excitement was over nothing. Deadline is reporting that Affleck's reps say he's not taking the job, and were saying so several days ago. Bear in mind today's Justice League news was broken by Variety, a major rival of Deadline's, so it's entirely possible this is just sour grapes among rivals; Variety seems to be standing by their story, for what it's worth. But it's also worth keeping in mind that news like this-- broken by trades and not officially confirmed by anyone on the record-- can often change, and that as exciting as it might be to think about Affleck directing Justice League, it's entirely possible it will fall apart.

We'll be talking more about the idea of Affleck directing Justice League tomorrow, but in the meantime let us know what you think in the comments-- and especially if you think we should just hold our horses and wait for the news to be confirmed before we speculate any further.

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