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Has The Title Of The Next James Bond Film Been Revealed?

News regarding the newest James Bond adventure has really been heating up as of late. With the project set with a November 9, 2012 release date, production is scheduled to begin in the next couple months and pieces are starting to fall into place. In addition to having Daniel Craig returning as the British super spy and Sam Mendes attached to direct, recent reports have said that the new Bond girl has been found in French actress Berenice Marlohe and a rumor suggests that supervillain Blofeld might make his debut. But one key element is still missing: the film doesn't have a title. What Culture!, however, may have some insight in that department.

The site has received intel from an unnamed source saying that Sony Pictures - which is co-financing the project with MGM - has recently purchased a number of website domain names involving the words "Skyfall" and "James Bond." Some examples include "," "," and "" What's more, the studio registered "" and others back in mid-August.

The Bond series does have a long history of one-word titles, from Goldeneye to Octopussy, but this isn't exactly proof that the next 007 movie will be titled Skyfall. It could easily just be a name being tossed around. That said, it is a pretty cool title - albeit a mysterious one - and huge improvement over Quantum of Solace (which most people are still trying to decode). Chances are that we'll learn the title of the movie just as its getting set to go into production, which should hopefully be very soon.

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