Hear Frozen's Let It Go Sung In 25 Different Languages

If you thought Frozen's Oscar-nominated song "Let It Go" sounded good in English, wait until you hear it sung in 24 other languages. Disney released this excellent video, which has Elsa belting out her song in 25 different languages, starting with English and seamlessly transitioning from one language to the next, all the way to Flemish. Yes, Flemish!

Here's the list of languages represented in the above video.

1. English

2. French

3. German

4. Dutch

5. Mandarin

6. Swedish

7. Japanese

8. Latin American Spanish

9. Polish

10. Hungarian

11. Castilian Spanish

12. Catalan

13. Italian

14. Korean

15. Serbian

16. Cantonese

17. Portuguese

18. Bahas Malaysia

19. Russian

20. Danish

21. Bulgarian

22. Norwegian

23. Thai

24. Canadian French

25. Flemish

For those curious, Flemish is actually also known as Belgian-Dutch and is spoken in the northern part of Belgium (thank you Wikipedia). Dutch is also among the languages included in this new "Let it Go" video. As is Catalan, which is the official language of Andorra, a microstate in Southwestern Europe located near Spain and France. It's also worth noting that there are two different kinds of Spanish sung in the video, Latin American Spanish and Castilian Spanish, which is what they speak in Spain. Also separated are French (the language of France) and Canadian French, which can be heard in Quebec and other parts of Canada.

Just a few fun facts about language inspired by the new Frozen video. Considering the Disney film has surpassed three quarters of a billion dollars at the global box office, it's evident that the world loves the film and and not all of its fans speak English. What I love most about the video, beyond its celebration of the film's global popularity, is that it's proof that the song is still just as moving in other languages as it is in English. Beyond that, it's impressive how seamlessly each line jumps from one language to the next so that the song feels like one song, sung 25 different ways and not a patched-together tune. There's a fluidity to it that really works and allows us to appreciate the audible beauty of other languages with a familiar song.

While this video appears to be Disney-official, as it sprung up on the Disney Animation Youtube Channel, we've seen some great fan-made Frozen content since the film's release back in November. That includes a funny "Unnecessary Censorship" video that you can watch here.

And watch the original Idina Menzel-sung "Let It Go" sequence in its entirety below:

Anyone else hoping Menzel sings "Let it Go" at the Oscars? We are too and she says she'd do it if she's invited!

Kelly West
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