Will Hellboy 3 Ever Happen? Here's What Ron Perlman Thinks

Being a Hellboy fan is tough, especially considering all of the talk that's been swirling around about the on-again / off-again status of the second sequel in the series. So naturally, the man with the red right hand himself, Ron Perlman, isn't surprising anyone when he says that the film is most likely never happening.

While addressing the crowd at a Q&A during the Guadalajara Festival in Mexico, Perlman made remarks about upcoming projects he's involved in, such as season 2 of Hand Of God and a romantic-comedy entitled Pottersville. But eventually the talk turned to Hellboy 3, and as Variety has reported, Perlman had these few, mixed words on the project's status:

[It] probably will never happen, though you never say never never.

This is exactly the type of statement that breaks the hearts of those waiting for Hellboy 3 to actually make a comeback and become a real movie. Though the heartbroken are in that boat thanks to their own actions, as time after time director Guillermo del Toro has said that the film just isn't on the docket. Even with the tentative promises that should Pacific Rim 2 had done well under del Toro's reign, the possibility of a second Hellboy sequel would be revisited, those promises have surely been scattered after the announcement that Steven S. DeKnight would be directing the robot rampage's follow-up.

Though the non-existence of Hellboy 3 isn't due to any slouching on Ron Perlman's part, as he's been crusading for the better part of a year now to make the flick happen. With Perlman being one of the most vocal champions for a role that put him through literal makeup hell, fans naturally rallied to the call of their preferred demon of cinema. But even the loudest voice in the room can be ignored when the numbers don't look to be favorable, and since Hellboy and its sequel Hellboy II: The Golden Army made most of their bank on home video, studios have been wary at resurrecting the supposedly final chapter in the Hellboy saga.

With Ron Perlman's semi-insistence that Hellboy 3 isn't happening anytime soon, perhaps it's time for those die hard fans who wish for its existence to cool it down. After all, while Hellboy 3 might be a lost cause for the time being, there's always the hopes that Universal will somehow resurrect At The Mountains Of Madness. For now, we can get our Ron Perlman fix through season 2 of Hand Of God, which is supposed to bow at some point this year; as well as a role in Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them, which opens on November 18th.

Mike Reyes
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