Ron Perlman Makes New Hellboy 3 Promise To The Fans

It’s not clear what’s gotten into Ron Perlman’s craw this week but something has the man pushing gung-ho for that elusive third Hellboy movie. He first started using the #HellboyIII hashtag a few days ago and used some strong words to show his dedication to the cause. Now he’s at it again today and he’s letting fans know that he’s not giving up.

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Perlman’s Twitter feed has been inundated by fans since starting the social media movement. Hellboy III has been a topic of conversation since pretty much the moment people started walking out of the theater after seeing The Golden Army. Both Perlman and writer/director Guillermo Del Toro have stated in the past that it’s a movie they want to make but Del Toro has said that no studio in Hollywood is interested in financing it.

While Perlman has never been shy about his desire to do another Hellboy, he seems particularly focused right now. Certainly Hollywood has gone absolutely comic crazy in the last few years and it’s got to be frustrating to the guy who made one of the first "good comic book movies." The original Hellboy was released in 2004, in the same era as the original run of X-Men and Spider-Man movies which caused filmgoers, critics, and Hollywood, to all realize that comics were a potential source for both financially successful and critically lauded films. Hellboy 2: The Golden Army came out in 2008 and was equally well-received. Both films made plenty of money at the box office, so why no studio is interested in a third installment is a bit perplexing. While there has been the occasional rumor that a third installment may happen, nothing has ever solidified.

Still, the Hellboy III hashtag did start trending when Perlman started it on June 4, so if he stays at it, and fans continue to follow his lead, it’s very possible he might get somebody’s attention in Hollywood. He has been able to get at least one person to notice who might be able to boost the signal.

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Are you ready to see the Helboy trilogy conclude? It’s time for a social media uprising. Let’s take to the tweets and make this happen. #HellboyIII.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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