Henry Cavill Just Confirmed One Of The Longest Running Myths About Superman

In the decades since Superman and Clark Kent have co-existed in the world of DC Comics, one question has always perplexed fans and critics alike: is Clark Kent's "disguise" really that good? Well, Henry Cavill conducted an experiment in New York City, while promoting Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, and the results might surprise you.

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Through his personal Instagram account, Henry Cavill took to the streets of New York without the iconic pair of glasses that separate mild mannered Clark Kent from his Kryptonian persona. To up the stakes a little, Cavill also wore a t-shirt with the new Superman logo on it, and made sure to hit up the area of Times Square where Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice billboards are plastered high and plenty. And sure enough, despite his best efforts, it looks like Cavill was able to avoid detection.

So through his own personal experience, Henry Cavill has proven that even in New York City, with the symbol of hope for his people proudly emblazoned upon his chest, Superman could still technically move about without being recognized. By his own results, the claim that "the glasses are more than enough," checks out - just as it did the end of Man Of Steel. What else explains how Perry White could see Superman kissing Lois, and somehow not recognize the face of Metropolis' savior when he introduced him to his news team the very next day? Fictional context aside, it's both very funny, and severely dishearting, that the star of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice could walk through Times Square unscathed, doing as much as he can to be recognized.

It's not like Henry Cavill is an "up and coming" actor who's just starting out. The man was on The Tudors for three years, followed by his roles in such films as Immortals, The Man From U.N.C.L.E., and – naturally - Man Of Steel. All of those films, as well as Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, spent serious money on their budgets. So even if you ignore all but this month's cage match of the titans, there's still no excuse to miss Henry Cavill when he walks into your place of business. Yet some how, that's exactly what happened, making a case for the theory that the more the press covers Superman, the less recognizable he is in person.

One would hope that after Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice opens next Friday, Henry Cavill would have no problem being recognized anywhere he chooses to go. Though, to be fair, his agent was probably warning him the same thing would happen after Man of Steel, and look how that turned out. Still, disguise or not, Henry Cavill looks the part for both Superman and Clark Kent, and that's probably one of the greatest compliments the man can be paid. Besides, of course, that he absolutely crushed it in The Man From U.N.C.L.E..

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice puts a face to the name on March 25th.

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