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Here's Everything Wrong With Inside Out In One Brutal Video

Inside Out is a good movie. It’s actually a great movie. These are simply undeniable facts. That needs to be said up front. The other thing that needs to be said is that just because the movie is great doesn’t mean we can’t still have some fun pointing out some of it’s minor, or major errors. No movie is without sin, though Inside Out comes about as close as any to getting there. Check out the newest piece from Cinemasins.

After getting the obligatory Herman’s Head reference out of the way, we get down to the real details. The major issue that the movie has if you look closely, which is why we have decided not to do that, is that really the world of the mind makes no sense. There are five emotions, only five, but they don’t make Riley the person that she is, these islands of personality do. How exactly does that work? Also, there are scenes in the film, after Joy and Sadness have left the control room, where Riley appears to be expressing emotions other than anger, fear, or disgust, which should, based on the rules the film has given me, be utterly impossible.

If we’re going to nitpick on the nitpickers, and we figure they can take it, we do have one complaint. At more than one point, the emotions in Riley’s head are described by our narrator as being four negative emotions and one positive emotion. We feel the need to point out that the message of the film was that there’s no such thing as negative emotions. All emotions are vital to making us whole people and there’s nothing inherently negative about being sad or angry. They don’t get it all wrong, however. Chicago, absolutely, was the city that ruined pizza. Not San Francisco.

It’s not all bad however as being graduates of the "Prometheus School of Running Away From Things" is actually a benefit in this movie, though that may actually be more sinful than anything else, now that we think about it. Near the end, the narrator knocks a couple of sins off, not for anything specific the movie does, just because it’s damn good. This actually comes up more than once. The movie is so good, the guys making fun of it can’t help but say so. Two other sins are removed as well to reach a total of 80 for the film. That number is downright minuscule compared to some of the movies the YouTube channel has looked back at over the years.

Sometimes people have real trouble when people make fun of things they like, but even if Inside Out made you cry, looking back at its flaws will likely still make you laugh. Because, emotions are funny that way.

Dirk Libbey
Dirk Libbey

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