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Here's Everything Wrong With Monsters Inc. In One Video

The guys over at CinemaSins like to release videos that are connected to new releases. Recently they covered both The Lost World and Jurassic Park 3 in preparation for the release of Jurassic World. Now they're getting ready for next week's release of Inside Out buy covering Everything Wrong With another Pixar film, Monsters Inc.

In 13 minutes or less they cover all the plot holes, bad writing ideas and random annoyances in this actually really good movie. If you're a fan of the series, all the classic clichés are here. If you're a fan of the movie, don't worry, they're not that hard on it. In fact Monsters Inc. becomes the first movie to open with negative sins due to its mercifully short opening logo sequence. By 2018 we expect Marvel's movies to be half logo. Seriously that one just keeps getting longer.

Cinemasins on good movies are more enjoyable than the bad ones. While we all love to poke fun at movies that are already bad, that’s been done a million times before and you rarely get any new jokes after awhile. Since every movie can be laughed at a little bit, sinning the good movie gives you a new perspective and allows you to laugh at yourself for overlooking the stupid plot holes and silly mistakes.

The movie asks some tough questions about the films basic plot, like how in the blue hell did the monsters ever figure out that screams could be used as a power source? Seriously, the entire movie is based on a premise that should have been next to impossible for the monsters to ever discover. How do they create the doors that lead to kids’ rooms and how do they know when there’s a new kid in the world who can be scared? Also, it turns out Randy Newman totally reuses musical cues from previous movies. That’s cheating.

The overriding sin of Monsters Inc. is the sin of convenience. Everything that takes place is exceptionally convenient, for the plot. Especially the final chase scenr through the factory where every time our heroes go through a door they end up closer to their goal, rather than being sent to the other side of the building, which should honestly be more likely.

All in all Monsters Inc’s sins while extensive, at 108, are minor, because it actually is a pretty good movie. Except for the fact that they go to the "interrupting douchbag" cliché well twice in 10 minutes. That’s just lazy. It doesn’t make the sinning any less hilarious though. Go back and check out some other Pixar sins videos before you go check out Inside Out next weekend.

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Dirk Libbey
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