The comic book movie world was changed forever when Marvel Studios released The Avengers in 2012. While studios had spent decades thinking that self-contained franchises for single superheroes was the best course of action, The Avengers box office proved that strategy isn’t enough anymore and that audiences want to see massive, multi-picture interlocking series up on the big screen. This has changed things a great deal in the industry, and few franchises have been more affected by the change than The Amazing Spider-Man.

Back in December, Sony Pictures announced that in addition to making a third Amazing Spider-Man movie, they had also begun work on both Sinister Six and Venom features. The two new titles will be used to expand the breadth of franchise, and it has already been announced that Drew Goddard will be writing and possibly directing Sinister Six while Alex Kurtzman has been tapped to helm Venom. This week, however, Sony started focusing on the more immediate future, and finally officially hired Marc Webb to come back and helm The Amazing Spider-Man 3.

But that’s far from all the web-slinging action we saw since our last episode. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 also unveiled an impressive new three-minute trailer. In case you missed it on Monday, you can check it out below:

What does all of this mean for the present and future of the Amazing Spider-Man universe? This week I once again sat down with Cinema Blend Movie Content Director/super Spider-Man fan Sean O’Connell to dig into the details. Enjoy!

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