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(NOTE: This episode was originally supposed to be online last week, but was delayed – which is why some of the time references are a bit off. Still, enjoy!)

The multiverse is a fascinating and incredibly in-depth idea that comic and science-fiction writers have been taking advantage of for decades. The theory postulates that there is actually an infinite number of parallel timelines that exist, with each one representing a plane of existence where one potentially microscopically minute thing is different from every other plane of existence. While you may have had a turkey sandwich for lunch today, there’s another world where you had ham, and yet another world where you had three slices instead of two, and yet another where you decided to use a little less mustard. The multiverse has found application in a variety of stories over the years, and now that it’s starting to permeate the larger pop culture sphere, I decided to dedicate an entire episode of Hero Blend to the subject.

In the last week, we have seen the multiverse get explored on two different fronts: first in the second episode of the second season of The Flash (which allowed audiences to peek in on Earth 2), and then again in Adult Swim’s Robot Chicken DC Special 3: Magical Friendship (which features a plot parodying the famed comic book event Crisis On Infinite Earths). With the extremely exciting yet also potentially confusing theory now in the public conversation, this episode of Hero Blend is meant to help those of you unfamiliar with the multiverse get more acquainted.

Joining me in this trip around parallel dimensions is my good friend Silas Lesnick from Craved, with whom I’ve previously had plenty of conversations about the multiverse… just not on camera. Enjoy the show!

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