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Sacha Gervasi’s Hitchcock recounts a chapter in the Master of Suspense’s legendary career, where he fought back against concerned (some might say terrified) studio executives who wanted to censor the filmmaker as he began work on his next project, Psycho. Most of the early footage for commercials and trailers have focused on Sir Anthony Hopkins’ conversion into the portly Hitch, building on his working relationship with wife Alma (Helen Mirren), the one woman who truly understood the eccentric director.

But it’s time we actually started seeing some footage with Psycho stars, and so this latest clip for Hitchcock finally showcases Scarlett Johansson as Janet Leigh, who played Marion Crane in the classic horror thriller. In the scene, they discuss Hitch’s infamous shower scene … and how much the director intends to show. See for yourself.

I love the way Hopkins’s Hitchcock sells the montage approach to the shower scene, which will only “suggest” violence and nudity. And you have to adore the way he sounds out every syllable in the term “titillating.” Luscious!

Now that Fox Searchlight has begun teasing Johansson’s take on Leigh, I want to see more of Jessica Biel’s Vera Miles and James D’Arcy’s Anthony Perkins. How much of Hitchcock will be behind-the-scenes Psycho footage, and how much will be at-home-with-the-conflicted-genius? Either way, I’m still interested, as Hitch is a fascinating Hollywood icon who rarely gets the attention he deserves. Hitchcock played the AFI Fest, and opens in limited release on Nov. 23 before expanding as the year closes out.