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With developments moving forward in the sale of MGM to co-financing company Spyglass Entertainment, things are looking up for the future of James Bond and The Hobbit. While the studio still has to refinance in order for things to become official, things are looking up to the point where start dates are beginning to be mentioned.

First up comes The Hobbit. We recently heard that MGM is fighting to have Martin Freeman play the lead role in the film by offering him a shooting schedule that would work around his other commitments. This idea, of course, makes no sense if MGM doesn't have a planned production date yet, but it now appears that they may. The Bolton News caught up with Sir Ian McKellen about the film and not only did he confirm that he will be returning as Gandalf (there was some question after comments he made earlier this year), but has said that the aim is now to begin production this January.

As for everyone's favorite British spy, Deadline has revealed that director Sam Mendes, who has been attached to Bond 23 since January, has taken himself out of the running for The Hunger Games due to his commitments to MGM. In the article, it's stated that the next Bond film could get started as early as next summer.

After a year of questions and waiting, it finally looks like this whole debacle is coming to an end. It looks like the lion is finally at rest and film fans can rest easy knowing that two of our favorite franchises will live on. But let's knock on wood just in case.

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