Honest Lord Of The Rings Trailer: It's An 11-Hour New Zealand Tourism Commercial!

We've already established that we're big fans of the folks who do Honest Trailers, taking some playful and sometimes sharp jabs at some of the most popular movies by recutting their trailers with an honest voiceover. They do a lot of the trailers by request, and it seems plenty of Tolkien fans were inspired by the upcoming release of The Hobbit to ask the Screen Junkies guys to take on Lord of the Rings in the way only they can. "A film adaptation of the overly dense nerd bibles that employed an entire nation…" it's the honest trailer for Lord of the Rings. Take a look below.

Man, if they think the Lord of the Rings movies have too much walking, they probably don't want to get anywhere near The Hobbit, which has way more of that and way fewer Orcs. It's funny that, despite all their attempts to poke fun at the movies by pointing out the intense man-love and what's now become a trope of Sean Bean dying, it only makes me want to see the movies again-- and yes, including the 5 fake endings. "I can't carry it, but I can carry you!" is a joke I made for months after seeing Return of the King, but it still has the power to put a little lump in my throat. Don't lie, it does the same for you.

Once The Hobbit has been in theaters for a while longer, maybe the Screen Junkies guys will come up with an honest trailer for that one. I can't wait to hear what they have to say about the many dwarf songs.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend