How The Huntsman: Winter's War Improves On Snow White, According To Chris Hemsworth

Despite Universal's best wishes, Snow White And The Huntsman was, at best, a middling success that didn't scream for a follow-up. However, through luck and modest returns, The Huntsman: Winter's War has given the series another bite at the apple. If Chris Hemsworth is anyone to believe, the belated sequel just might be the action packed love story, with a dash of humor, that we'd always wanted from the first film.

As we were discussing the upcoming sequel, during a press day for Hemsworth's latest film, In The Heart Of The Sea, regrets over the first film's more dour approach came into play. The 2012 Rupert Sanders directed action-adventure film still holds a soft spot in the actor's heart, but the elements that he wished were emboldened still stick in his mind. Hemsworth's reflections were the following:

When I saw the first Snow White, I went, ‘Damn, I wish we had more of this, this and this." I loved it, but I felt like… [It needed a] sense of fun and adventure. It got very dark and heavy, and so, and there was a lack of love story. We weren’t specific on what that was.

Indeed, Snow White And The Huntsman was a bit confused with its focus, as the supposed lead character was sharing more focus with her would-be assassin, and the icy Queen Ravena that hired him, than would have been expected. It also didn't help that Chris Hemsworth's star was rapidly on the rise at the time – with The Avengers sharing some of the box office focus in Snow White's June release window. Thankfully, The Huntsman: Winter's War doesn't seem to have any confusion about whose story it's here to tell, as Hemsworth's heavy turned hero is front and center in the new film.

Even better, the Australian actor informed us that those factors he wished were part of Snow White And The Huntsman will be around for the new film, as he promised the following changes:

This time around, there’s a solid love story and a great relationship between Jessica Chastain’s character and mine, which is the heart of the story. But it’s a lot more fun, much more in the vein of say, Willow, or something.

If The Huntsman: Winter's War succeeds as Chris Hemsworth, and those of us who enjoyed the trailer, hope it does – maybe he can use his clout with director Ron Howard and get that Willow sequel into gear. Surely the audience who would see a film that looks like The Huntsman: Winter's War we see in the trailer below would be on board for such an endeavor.

For now, you can see Chris Hemsworth in a more grounded type of adventure, as In The Heart Of The Sea is now in theaters.

Mike Reyes
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