How Sam Claflin Started A Power Rangers Movie Rumor By Mistake

Over the last several weeks, we’ve seen that a number of the casting decisions for the new Power Rangers film have been made. Before all of them, however, there was the one casting decision that wasn’t actually true. The rumor that Hunger Games star Sam Claflin would be in the new film was denied by his spokesman. Really, you couldn’t blame anybody else, though. The rumor was his own fault.

Sam Claflin now has a crystal clear understanding about the terrifying power of social media. As he now tells it, he was in a gym in Prague, where he was visiting his wife who was working, when the old Power Rangers TV show came on one of the gym’s sets. As a fan who had grown up with the show, he sent out the tweet that was seen ‘round the world.

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When movie fans saw the tweet, devoid of any context, people began to make a connection between the actor and a movie that was in the casting stage. Just like that, Sam Claflin had started the rumor of his own casting in the Power Rangers movie. Claflin told that he wasn’t even aware that there was a Power Rangers movie in development, so the idea that the tweet could be misinterpreted never crossed his mind. Claflin, for his part, has taken it all in stride. He now knows a plan on how to get his name added to the mix for another film franchise he’d like to be part of.

I think I'll tweet James Bond next in the hope I get cast in that next.

Social media is a terrifying beast. When two people are having a conversation one can instantly explain themselves when they see their words were misconstrued. In social media, it doesn’t work that way. Somebody says something, then the words are interpreted, and by the time the speaker realizes he needs to clarify things, thousands, if not millions, have already heard the wrong statement. Val Kilmer recently learned this lesson himself. In a statement without context, people tend to make their own.

Even if Sam Claflin wanted to be in the Power Rangers film, he’s likely too well known. The cast thus far is made up of nearly entirely unknown actors. We wish him luck in his quest to be the next James Bond, though. Oh wait, that was a joke. Context!

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