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Ever since Tom Holland was cast as the MCU’s Spider-Man last year, the biggest mystery surrounding the Web-Slinger is how he’ll fit into Captain America: Civil War. We got the vaguest of hints towards him in Ant-Man, but with everything going on in the May blockbuster, it’s hard to deduce how Peter Parker will be thrown into the mix. We’ve heard a few tidbits about how he’ll interact with the other participants, but now a rumor says that he’ll get involved after catching Iron Man’s eye.

Warning: potential spoilers for Captain America: Civil War are ahead!

Apparently Tony Stark has been keeping an eye out on "who’s who of the super world," and he takes note of Peter, both for his powers and his keen intellect. The billionaire industrialist eventually approaches the teen hero to recruit him, and offers him an advanced Spider-Man suit. As for why Peter would consider the offer, Geek.com’s source says it’s because he became Spider-Man in the first place due to idolizing Tony. Captain America: Civil War takes place 10 years after the first Iron Man movie, and since Peter is 15 years old in the movie, that means he was 5 when Tony Stark began his superhero career. That means Peter grew up watching Iron Man on the news constantly, so when Tony suddenly shows up with fancy tech, Peter is obviously starstruck.

While it remains to be seen whether this information is true or not, the part about Peter looking up to Tony definitely makes a lot of sense. Just like how it’s been years since Iron Man came out for us, years are passing in the MCU as well. So Peter’s gone the majority of his life seeing superheroes on TV (maybe even in person, since he lives in New York). Remember when you were a kid and had a favorite superhero who you absolutely thought the world of while reading their comic book or watching them on a cartoon? That’s Peter, except his superhero idol was real, and to find out that Tony is interested in him is exciting. It’s been reported several times how Peter will wear two different Spider-Man costumes in Captain America: Civil War, and one rumor from last year stated that Tony wouldn’t upgrade his suit, but instead make his web-shooters.

Of course, nothing is as simple as it looks on the outside, and as Captain America: Civil War progresses, Peter is going to find himself torn between the two ideologies in conflict over the Sokovia Accords. While it was rumored at one point that Spidey would fight Captain America, there’s always the chance that Peter will defect from Iron Man’s "team" if he doesn't agree with his goals/methods. Peter lives by his Uncle Ben’s motto: "With great power comes great responsibility." If he doesn’t think Tony is living up to that, he’ll switch sides just like he did in the original Civil War storyline, even if the cost is his fancy Spider-suit.

We’ll see Spider-Man in action alongside nearly every other hero in the MCU when Captain America: Civil War arrives on May 6, 2016, and the year after, the Wall-Crawler will star in his own solo adventure.