Spider-Man's Civil War Costume May Not Be As Different As We Thought

With Spider-man less than a year away from his third debut in recent years much is being made about how the character will be different from his previous incarnations. One of the areas that has been a major focus has been the costume. How will Spider-man look different in next summer’s Captain America: Civil War? We have a few more details about the suit and it sounds like it will be very traditional, which is to say, not that different.

According to Comicbook.com they are aware of a spider suit which uses the traditional red and blue color scheme that even the general public recognizes. While we never expected them to veer too far from the traditional look, this does contradict at least a little, some of the information we’ve heard before. A few months back Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige said the suit was "different than any of the ones that have come before." Although in the same breath he did still call it "classic Spidey." Then, about a month ago Marvel’s Joe Quesada claimed parts of the outfit are "really going to blow people away." Finally, a couple weeks ago, we received some images that were purported to be from the Russo Brothers Twitter account, which appeared to show aspects of the Spider-man costume. While we did see red and black, there was no blue in the images we saw.

Marvel is obviously walking a fine line. They don’t want to make the costume too different because fans like their traditions and they want the casual non-comic fan to be able to recognize the wall-crawler. However, at the same time they want to be sure to separate this Spider-man from the Sony creations and make sure those same casual fans know that this is somebody new. How many different ways can you really put those same familiar elements together in a new way? With all the talk that has gone on surrounding the costume, it’s obviously important to Marvel to get it right. We’re confident the suit will look good, but it’s really looking like it may not be quite as different as they were trying to make it.

At some point, we’ll get a look at the new suit, even if we have to wait for the first trailer to drop. Keep your eyes on The Force Awakens as a likely spot for that to happen. In the end, the suit is less important than the wise-cracking character inside it. And if his debut is as impressive as they’re implying, nobody’s going to care what Spider-man looks like.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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