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Thanks to some leaked images of a Star Wars: The Force Awakens Lego set, we recently learned about a couple of characters we had, up to now, not heard of. While we still don’t know anything definite about them, a new report provides a few clues about how they could fit into the narrative.

There will be some SPOILERS for Star Wars: The Force Awakens beyond this point. You’ve been warned.

When the pictures of the Lego Millennium Falcon set scheduled to be released this fall hit the airwaves, two of the figures included are a character named Tasu Leech and Kanjiklub Gang Member. There are names we hadn’t heard yet, but Making Star Wars has some insight as to how they may fit into The Force Awakens.

According to their intel, there’s a scene on the desert planet of Jakku. Daisy Ridley’s character, Rey, sells some stuff she scavenged to a junk dealer, and, after she meets up with Finn (John Boyega), who crash lands on the arid planet, and finding themselves pursued by agents of the First Order, the new incarnation of the Empire, they hijack the Millennium Falcon to beat a hasty retreat. The junk dealer chases after them as they steal the Falcon, which is, after battling some TIE Fighters and blasting off into space, swallowed up by a large freighter where they meet Han Solo.

MSW’s theory, and it should be noted that this is just a theory, is that Tasu Leech is the junk dealer and that he alerted the freighter that captures the Falcon, and that he and the Kanjiklub Gang are somehow connected to the crew on the freighter. Some have theorized that the gang could run things on Jakku, kind of like Jabba the Hutt on Tatooine.

If this is true, there are, of course, still a lot questions hanging in the air. Like why is Han there? Especially if Rey does turn out to be his daughter, as is one rumor, maybe he could have paid the Kanjiklub Gang off to keep and eye on her. Perhaps Tasu Leech is someone put there for that purpose, to watch over her. It’ll also be interesting to see if he has more of a role beyond this scene.

Yayan Ruhian

Primarily because of an aesthetic similarity, the reigning theory is that The Raid’s Yayan Ruhian plays Tasu Leech, mostly based on the fact that the figure pictured has long hair and a beard. Ruhian is one of the best martial arts practitioners currently working in movies, and if this is true, hopefully this means we’ll get to see some of that on display somewhere in The Force Awakens. To have him in the film and not use him for what he’s best at would be a horrible waste.

As with all things regarding Star Wars: The Force Awakens, we likely won’t know how much, or if any of this is true until we sit down in the theater for ourselves on December 18. Until then, all we have is speculation, conjecture, and rumor.

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