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It’s been a while since I’ve read Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games, but as I recall, Effie Trinket is a fair representation of the oblivious, over-privileged and insensitive mentality of many of the people in the Capitol. She’s fairly harmless on the surface, but like many others, she’s blind to the horrors Peeta and Katniss are facing, seeing the Hunger Games as a sport for her entertainment, rather than the possible death sentence it might be for the two tributes she's tasked to look after.

Effie’s role in the story is to chaperone Peeta and Katniss and guide them through the process of being the tributes for their district. As the series’ heroine is set to face off against other tributes in a kill-or-be-killed “game” for the entertainment of the Capitol, Effie’s cheerful nature, added to her colorful attire is strangely amusing by contrast.

Entertainment Weekly posted the poster for Effie, who is played by Elizabeth Banks in the film. ?Her poster, like the other posters released for the characters, has her shown in profile and mostly shadowed with just a hint of fuschia. (Click the image to view the bigger version over at EW)

More posters made their way around the internet, showing off some of the other characters, including Jennifer Lawrence as the lead character, Katniss:

Here’s Josh Hutcherson as Peeta, the other tribute representing District 12 alongside Katniss...

And here’s Liam Hemsworth as Gale, Katniss’ best friend and hunting partner from back home...

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