With so many people buying their movie tickets online these days, especially for giant event movies, we can get a sense well in advance of opening weekend just how huge a movie is going to be. And while we all know The Hunger Games will be ruling the box office the weekend, every day seems to bring evidence that it will be even bigger than we expected. Today stat comes from Entertainment Weekly, where they report that according to sales at Fandango, The Hunger Games has sold more advance tickets than any non-sequel movie, ever.

All of the top 5 sellers in Fandango history are sequels, and unsurprisingly, they're all Harry Potter or Twilight movies. And while The Hunger Games isn't quite in that company yet, Fandango says it will be by Thursday night-- more than 2,000 showtimes are already sold out, and sales at the remaining theaters ought to ramp up as we get closer to the weekend. With nothing else opening in wide release at all this weekend, The Hunger Games is already accounting for 92% of ticket sales at the site-- and has nowhere to go but up.

We're as fascinated by The Hunger Games around here as anybody else, and stay tuned later today for a feature we've cooked up about the movie that we're really excited about. But let us know if you're contributing to these crazy numbers at Fandango, and if you're rooting for The Hunger Games to be as big as everybody is predicting.

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