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IMAX Sucks Big Money Out Of Twilight: Eclipse Fans

The IMAX corporation may be willingly ripping off its fans by selling them an inferior product as a quick cash-grab, in the form of LIEMAX, but give them credit: They know how to pick a winner. This weekend they bet on The Twilight Saga: Eclipse opening it in IMAX alongside the film’s traditional release, and for the 17th consecutive time the movie IMAX chose to play opened at number one.

As a bonus they announced this morning that Twilight: Eclipse made $9 million in IMAX screenings over the weekend, for a rather hefty per screen average of $47,000 per screen. To put that in perspective, Eclipse only made $15,000 per screen on traditional screens. Of course many of those IMAX screens were actually just regular screens someone slapped an IMAX sticker on, and the outrageous ticket prices being charged for those LIEMAX showings inflates the box office totals even worse than 3D’s terrible price hike. I wonder if things would look so rosy if IMAX were no longer allowed to fleece its customers? Probably not.