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Ice Age Parodies The Artist In New Featurette

A silent film’s about to win Best Picture at the Academy Awards? Pfft. Scrat, the acorn-hunting squirrel at the front of every Ice Age movie has been cranking out largely silent short films for years now. But to show there’s no real hard feelings, the Ice Age team put together this little tribute to Michel Hazanavicius’ black-and-white ode to classic filmmaking. We have it below, courtesy of Total Film.

Clever, I suppose, though it’s really just footage from old Scrat cartoons, with the wily creature trying his best to secure his acorn, only it’s set to an old-timey score and the visual are black-and-white. If we had to grade, we’d say Saturday Night Live pulled off a better Artist tribute, mainly because they scored Jean Dujardin and actually mimicked the movie. Heck, even Conan O’Brien had a pretty amusing Artist moment. Check that one out here.

So, Artist riffs are everywhere as the Oscars fast approach. At least the Ice Age one serves a larger purpose, teasing Continental Drift, the next sequel in the long-running animated franchise. That hits theaters on July 13. Whether or not it goes on to win an Oscar remains to be seen.

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