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Even thought it's set for a May 27 release date, Sex and the City 2 have managed to stay top-secret, with just a teaser trailer and only the vaguest plot details to go on. Now, for some reason, the secrecy has been broken by the British tabloid>The Daily Mail, which got its hands on a handful of promo images and way more plot detail than we've gotten so far.

Well, some plot detail at least-- there's no confirmation that Carrie and Big's marriage will run into trouble or that Carrie will get pregnant, and there's barely even speculation on why the four women wind up in Morocco for what looks like a solid chunk of the film. But we do know that Samantha runs into ex-boyfriend Smith Jerrod again, while also finding a new paramour in English actor Max Ryan.

The promo images don't give away any plot, of course-- they're all about the clothes-- but they're fun to look at anyway for fans of the show and otherwise. Check out a few of the best ones below, and head to the Daily Mail for the rest.

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