Indiana Jones May Relaunch The Franchise With Chris Pratt Starring

In case you haven't noticed, Chris Pratt has kind of become the biggest star in Hollywood. With lead roles in two of 2014's biggest hits - The LEGO Movie and Guardians of the Galaxy - he has amassed a massive fanbase and demand, and that looks to continue this year with the release of Jurassic World. While that may seem like a lot of franchises for one star, apparently Hollywood isn't done trying to pile them on, as apparently Pratt is now being eyed as the actor to bring back Indiana Jones.

This news comes to us from Deadline, and while they cushion their report by saying that things are still very much in early stages, they say that Chris Pratt is right now the man being eyed to bring back one of the industry's most successful blockbuster action series. At this point there are no exact details regarding exactly how the actor would fit into the franchise, but the wording in the story suggests that he will actually be the new Indiana Jones - instead of a sidekick like Shia LaBeouf was in Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

While it certainly is big news that Chris Pratt may be the man who winds up taking Harrison Ford's place as the star of the Indiana Jones movies, the fact that the franchise is coming back for a fifth installment isn't too much of a shock. In late 2013 - a few years after the sale of Lucasfilm - we learned that the Walt Disney Company had worked out a deal with Paramount Pictures that would see the company take full control of the Indiana Jones franchise. At this point, it seemed like an inevitability that we would eventually see an Indiana Jones 5, and now it seems that day is inching closer.

As for Chris Pratt, as talented and charismatic as he has proven himself to be, I honestly must say that I am a bit torn about him possibly being the new Indiana Jones. On the one hand, variety in cinema is a great thing, and having multiple franchises become homogenized by having the same lead isn't terrifically exciting. On the other hand, Harrison Ford wound up doing just fine handling playing Indiana Jones and Han Solo in the Star Wars movies within the same era.

I imagine that this subject will cause a bit of debate, so let me throw the question out to all of you: do you want to see Chris Pratt play the new Indiana Jones? Answer the poll and explain your thoughts in the comments below!

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Eric Eisenberg
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