Usually it’s Indiana Jones who does the looting of treasure, but according to Hollywood Elsewhere this time its Indy whose being robbed. They report that a group of for profit would-be scoopers have stolen more than 2,500 still photographs taken during the shooting of Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull taken by photographer David James.

This isn’t some rascally group of fanboys desperate to get a look at the latest adventure of their hero. Apparently the thieves are trying to sell the photos to various movie websites. That was their first mistake. Not because movie websites are too honest to buy them (They aren’t… have you seen the people who run them? We’re a pretty shady bunch), but because most are too damn broke to offer them enough to make risking Federal prosecution worthwhile. Paramount says the FBI is involved.

Word is that some of the pics in question are quite revealing, and may even include shots of things like Cate Blanchett villained out and Indiana Jones doing a trademark whip crack. In question is exactly where they were stolen from. Some seem to be saying they were taken from the Paramount Lot, others say they were taken from somewhere else.

Lucky for George Lucas and Steven Stealberg… er Spielberg, this should be pretty easy to combat in the future. Try changing out your locks guys.

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