The Intern Trailer Pairs Robert De Niro And Anne Hathaway, Might Be Great

Nancy Meyers knows how to put together comedies that are light and fluffy, yet at the same time manage to convey a special degree of emotion that help ground them in reality. To be honest, you're either on the bus, or you aren't with her; but the trailer to The Intern might actually win some new fans on board.

Earlier this evening, Warner Bros released the trailer to the latest surprising match up of old school meets young talent. Only in the case of The Intern, Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway are well-established and have each had the honor of bringing home an Oscar. This equal footing doesn't translate to their characters, as De Niro's widowed retiree, Benjamin, finds himself interning for Hathaway's internet fashionista, Jules. What seems like an odd pairing in the beginning turns into what could be one of the sweetest on screen duos in quite a long time, particularly if you haven't watched a Nancy Meyers movie in a while/ever.

While the film does look to have the standard color palette, upper class setting, and affluent sense of dress that many Nancy Meyers films possess, The Intern looks like it may be her most accessible film yet. Indeed, The Intern seems to be a film that's aiming to be a traditionally Meyers affair, while at the same time being more modern. Not only is the writer/director tackling the world of internet blogging, which is a far cry from her usual hinterland of traditional professions such as agents, doctors, and writers, but she's also got a pretty good cast of young faces on deck that appeal to a much younger demographic than usual.

All you need is one look at the film's roster to see that casting of Pitch Perfect 2 star Adam Devine, is definitely a step in a different direction than usual. Not to mention, Hathaway's role was once filled by both Tina Fey and Reese Witherspoon, before landing in her hands. Still, this is a Nancy Meyers film, and while The Intern looks like a possibly effective reach towards the audiences that grew up while their parents were watching her movies, it does manage to look like a fun movie for all.

All of you classic Meyers fans will be pleased to know that the downright adorable Robert De Niro will get to play off of the equally vibrant Rene Russo in a romantic subplot that looks like what normally passes in a Meyers film in the typical sense. Seriously, anytime De Niro is on screen in this trailer, he raises a smile with his cuddly demeanor and his sage wisdom. We saw some of this when he acted against fellow Academy Award winner Jennifer Lawrence in Silver Linings Playbook, but De Niro's charm offensive is in full force with this first look at The Intern. Between the fresh setting, a switch of pace for the central plot, and a kinder, gentler De Niro working besides an in-command Anne Hathaway, it's hard not to root for this film to be one of the warmest, most fun films we're looking forward to seeing at the box office this year.

The Intern reports for duty on September 25th.

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