Interview: Adopted's Pauly Shore

I can’t lie; I was a little nervous going into my interview with Pauly Shore. Encino Man called my VHS player home for quite a chunk of my childhood, but after, his career tanked and the guy’s been involved in some questionable activities. I’m glad to report that, despite my preconceived notions, Shore is just a plain old nice guy. Actually, he says it best, “[I’m] an old Jew that likes to go to the Russian schvitz and likes to exercise and run with his dog.”

But even after getting a picture of who Shore really is, there’s no denying that the man he’s portraying in his mockumentary Adopted, is extremely irresponsible and certainly not suited for daddyhood. Shore goes to Africa as Pauly Shore in hopes of adopting a little black baby à la Angelina Jolie and Madonna. He winds up at an orphanage that permits him to take three kids for a test run. The results of those trials? You’ll have the check out the film to find out, but I’ll throw in a little hint; brace yourself.

After chatting about his adventures in Africa, Shore ran through a laundry list of upcoming projects. Not only is he working on a new show for MTV, but two feature films as well, one of which he warns his fans might not appreciate. Check out all of this and more in the video interview below and keep an eye out for Adopted, which hits DVD on June 15th.

Perri Nemiroff

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.