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A better question at this point, than asking which movies will be in 3D, is asking which movies won’t be in 3D. Were you to ask the questions, one of the answers would not be Iron Man 2.

AICN claims that Jon Favreau and the folks at Paramount are currently looking into what it will cost to convert the film into 3D. Unlike James Cameron, they didn’t shoot it in 3D to begin with, but then of course they also used live actors instead of computer animated cartoons. I guess Jon Favreau saw how much money The Final Destination made last weekend too.

The great thing about converting a movie into 3D after the fact is that there’s really no compelling reason to see it in 3D then. The movie wasn’t made with 3D in mind and they’ll definitely release 2D versions of it in theaters. So if like me, you’re starting to get 3D fatigue, you’ll be able to sit down and watch Iron Man 2 in 2D, the way it ought to be, without feeling like you’re missing anything. Call me when they convert it into Holodeck format. Until then, I need a break from polarized goggles.