Sometimes science fiction writers will come up with a gut-filled premise that will either rise and fall due to the merits of its ideas. Such seems to be the case with Iron Sky, an R-rated sci fi comedy about the Nazi’s maneuvering for power, that will hit Blu-ray and DVD on October 2.

If it seems a little strange that a Nazi flick would be endeavoring to be science fiction, it is, but a little bit of base knowledge about the plot is necessary to understanding what Iron Sky is trying to accomplish. Timo Vuorensola’s story centers on a crew of Nazis who went to the moon in 1945 and built a giant fortress replete with flying saucers. In the flick, as the year approaches 2018, a chain of events determines that the Nazi group will infiltrate the Earth once more, preparing for a large attack. As ridiculous as that sounds, sci fi comedies don’t pop up that often, and if science fiction and comedy are your thing, this Finnish endeavor is probably worth a view.

The cast is not really well-known, and the comedy falls short of being truly wild, but the steampunk-y visual effects are more impressive. Unfortunately, the set itself may not be up to snuff. Iron Sky set is supposedly “loaded” with extras, but so far Entertainment One has only announced some basic bonus features, including behind-the-scenes stuff, a featurette about the “Making of” the film and audio commentary from director Vuorensola. You can check out the really nice cover art for the set, below.

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