It's Morphin Time Again! Power Rangers Rights Returned To Creator

That's right folks. The original creators of the once loved Mighty Morphin Power Rangers have reacquired the rights to the teenage super hero crew. Haim Saban's newly created Saban Brands stepped up to the plate and snagged the rights back from Disney, who has owned the franchise since they acquired Fox Family back in 2001, according to Variety.

What does this mean to you, dear reader between the ages of 25 and 30? Well it means that the rainbow-clad dino crew is going to be blasting their way back on to TVs, store shelves, and most importantly the big screen! This is exciting news. 20 more animated episodes have been ordered with movies and action figures on the way. This is the show that I grew up on. None of this Dragon Ball or Pokemon or any other shenanigans. It was Power Rangers, Ugly Rita, Lord Zed, and that awesome cinematic villain Ivan Ooze. What's not to love?

The property has been in limbo for about six months, starting when Saban first approached Disney about getting the rights back for the multi-billion dollar franchise. The exact price of the transaction wasn't disclosed, but it's estimated to have been in the nine figure range, which to you folks who ain't so good with numbers means it went for multiple hundreds of millions of dollars. Seems high until you factor in the over $5 billion the franchise has earned in the course of the past decade or two.

Saban seems to think there is tons of untapped potential for the costumed karate kids and their floating head of a leader, Zordon. We'll have to wait and see exactly what he wants to do with the series, but chances are it's going to be totally amazing.