Lethifold: The Link Between Warbeck And The Patronus
I have a sort of dark (terrified) fascination with the Lethifold, as its description kind of reminds me of the 1950s sci-fi horror creature The Blob, a jelly-like alien amoeba that attacks people and consumes them, growing bigger and bigger with each meal. Except instead of being a growing blob of people-eating jelly, a Lethifold resembles a black cloak. From what Newt tells us in Fantastic Beasts, it sometimes preys by disguising itself as a blanket and suffocating its victim in their sleep, after which it ingests them. Shudder.

In the case of Celestina's mother, the Lethifold disguised itself as a stage curtain. Was Celestina's father in the audience when this happened? Perhaps backstage dealing with some mundane Muggle matter? Regardless, he was there to rescue Celestina's mother. The Lethifold played a key role in bringing Celestina Warbeck's parents together. And there's only one known way to defeat a Lethifold...

The Patronus
This month, not only has J.K. Rowling revealed the form her own Patronus takes, but she also teased an update to Pottermore that involves some kind of Patronus test. These updates on their own wouldn't be enough to trigger any major Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them theory alarms for me because really, Patronuses are popular in the Potter-verse, not only because the charm has been featured in some key moments in the books and films, but the customized nature of the charm, in the way that it's cast (conjuring a powerful, positive memory) and the form it takes (an animal that varies from one witch/wizard to the next) makes the Patronus a particularly interesting charm. Not only do we all wonder what our own Patronuses might be, but knowing the characters' Patronus form allows us to know them a bit better. Patronuses are cool. But looking at this recent update while taking the other updates into account, I can't help but wonder if Rowling has Patronuses on her mind these days. And if so, maybe it's because the charm is relevant to the screenplay she's writing.

Fans likely best associate Patronuses with Dementors, the soul-sucking creatures who are best fended off by the animal-shaped light-forces conjured by a witch or wizard with enough focus to find their inner happy place in the face of darkness and despair. The Lethifold is a lesser referenced magical creature that can be defeated with a Patronus, as proven by Flavius Belby, whose story is documented in Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them. So I'm inclined to wonder if the Patronus charm will be playing a notable role in the Fantastic Beasts films. It's presumably what Celestina Warbeck's father used to protect her mother. And it's something Newt Scamander would likely need to know how to do if he were to encounter any Lethifolds and Dementors in his travels.

It's also worth noting that the Dementor is not included in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, which may be an indication that they're considered a magical "Being" by the ministry, rather than a "beast." See the introduction to Fantastic Beasts for the distinction. Beast or Being, the dementors could still pop up in the Fantastic Beasts films, but given that the Lethifold is defined as a Beast by the book, it's more likely we'd see one of those, if not both.

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