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Here we go again. Get ready for another year’s worth of JLA casting rumors. According to Australia’s Herald Sun, WB’s long gestating Justice League of America movie isn’t actually dead, it’s just up on blocks in George Miller’s driveway.

Their story says that production is slated to get going in 2009, and apparently George Miller is still attached to direct. Also still involved they say is Megan Gale, who was once upon a time rumored to be playing Wonder Woman. Well Miller says she has it, and they’re still doing it. That makes sense, particularly in light of the story that broke early last month here, in which Variety revealed that Warner Brothers was planning some sort of superhero summit to fast track their many languishing men in tights films.

Now I’m going to go promise myself that I won’t report any of the awful, annoying, almost certain never to be confirmed JLA rumors which will inevitably start cropping up as a result of this. We’ve already had a year of this, we don’t need another. Of course I’ll break that promise, since like everyone else I am a pathetic sucker for superheroes, but I’ll sleep better tonight by convincing myself that I have the will power to resist. Do the same and promise yourself you won’t read any of it. You will, but it’ll be better for your self-esteem if you pretend you won’t.

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