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Regardless of what you thought the actual merit of Year One was (spoiler: there was none), you undoubtedly walked away from it thinking, "Well that movie was terrible, but that blonde girl was all kinds of cute." Her name is Juno Temple and you're finally going to get your chance to gaze upon her innocent visage once again, and this time she'll be kissing girls instead of Michael Cera. Bonus.

Those relentless horror fanatics over at Bloody Disgusting have announced that Temple recently replaced Alison Pill (who first replaced Ellen Page) in the lead role for Jack & Diane. The film is not a little ditty about two American kids growing up, best they can. Instead the film follows two girls who meet in New York and fall in love. However, Diane is leaving the country soon so she must fight to keep their newfound love alive while Jack tries to push her away. The twist is, the love affair has awakened "werewolf-like visions" within Diane that she must keep a secret from her young lover.

Sounds totally ridiculous, but don't count this one out just yet. Despite what you may gather from the description, this isn't a "lesbian werewolf" movie, even though that sounds like way more fun than just a love story between two girls in NYC. Instead it sounds like the werewolf just appears in a vision sort of as a metaphor. This is unconfirmed, but once story details start to get cleared up we'll be sure to fill you in.

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