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It was only a matter of time before 3D completely invaded the movie scene, and after that until the Jackass crew used 3D to invade your personal space. In their newest movie Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, and crew want to take 3D and throw it in your face through the addition of the “Heli-cockter.” says the guys used 3D to get up close and personal with some Paramount bigwigs during a test screening of Jackass 3. Chris “Party Boy” Pontius strapped a remote control helicopter to his bangers and mash and let the 3D effect do the rest as the helicopter appeared to soar right at the studio execs. This simple act of lunacy was enough for Paramount to green light the film. Ahh, the three dimensional revolution is upon us.

Count me in the crowd that loves the possibilities of the Jackass crew flying off the screen. Why not have them land right in our laps? Steve-O puking? In my face. Johnny Knoxville flying out of shopping cart? I want it as close as possible. Thank you James Cameron. Because of you when these guys are getting electrocuted on screen, I’ll feel like it’s happening right next to me.

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