It feels like we've seen less and less of Jake Gyllenhaal as the years go by. After coming out strong in the early 2000s, making 10 films in five years, his production has slowed considerably in the last five, making only six titles in that time. While it used to feel as though there were only a couple months between Gyllenhaal projects, Source Code was an eternity ago (more accurately a little more than 11 months, but the point stands). The actor's next film, David Ayer's End of Watch, isn't due out until September 28th, but fortunately he's already making plans beyond it.

According to Variety, Jake Gyllenhaal is now in talks to replace Dominic Cooper in Motor City, as Cooper had to exit the project due to scheduling conflicts. Directed by Albert Hughes, the project came about last summer when Hughes' planned live-action remake of Akira fell apart. Amber Heard and Gary Oldman are already attached to co-star as the female lead and villain, respectively. Based on a script by Chad St. John, the film is about a man (Gyllenhaal, should he sign on) who is released from prison and goes on a mission of revenge. If this sounds familiar it's because Scott Cooper's Out of the Furnace basically has the same plot (and that project, in turn, sounds a hell of a lot like 2010's Faster starring Dwayne Johnson).

Joel Silver is producing the project and actually handpicked Cooper to star after seeing the actor's breathtaking performance in The Devil's Double. The trade doesn't mention when the project may go into production.

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