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Daniel Craig’s superspy James Bond is back later this year in the highly anticipated Spectre, and as we all know, this version of suave international man of mystery has secrets piled on top of secrets lurking in his past. That element of his personality is on full display in this new extended TV spot, but don’t worry, there’s still plenty of action too. And you get to hear him utter his most famous line, which is an added bonus.

In the wake of 2012’s Skyfall, which gave fans a deeper look in Bond’s past than ever before—even if it was still a hazy, oblique glimpse—we still have more questions than we do answers. From the look of this new footage, which premiered during last night’s NBA Finals game between the Golden State Warrior and Cleveland Cavaliers, more about Bond’s shadowy history is going to bubble up to the surface in Spectre.

This film looks moody and intense as James searches for answers. Christoph Waltz shows up as a mysterious villain, who, from all appearances, is the head of the shady organization known as Spectre. Or at least he’s good at pretending to be in charge. And he’s not iconic Bond villain Ernst Stavro Blofeld, at least not according to the actor, but many have their suspicions.

Beyond all of the tension and obscurity, there’s action, action, and some more action thrown in just for good measure. There’s a lot going on for a video that’s just a minute long. You get to see James running through a crowded Day of the Dead celebration and get into a fistfight with giant wall of a man Dave Bautista, which seems like a bad idea all around. There are also car chases, diving off of second story balconies, flying planes as people shoot at it, crashing said plane into the snow, flames shooting out of car, and, of course, numerous beautiful women just to make things interesting and even more complicated for our hero.

Basically what I’m saying is that, based on this quick look at the film, Spectre appears to have all of the elements that fans could possibly want out of a James Bond movie. There’s a great villain, some terrifying henchmen, lots of tense action, and a femme fatale to boot.
Once again directed by Sam Mendes, who helmed Skyfall, Spectre looks like it will continue the trend of revamping the beloved spy, making him a more psychologically complex character, while keeping a firm grip on all the things fans love about him in the first place. Spectre hits theaters this fall on November 6.

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