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James Bond Infographic Breaks Down Kills, Conquests And Martinis Over The Years

Did you ever wonder which Bond was responsible for the most kills? Or which 007 drank the most shaken martinis over the years? You’re not alone. The number geeks at The Economist broke down James Bond’s conquests and classified them into three defining categories – Martinis, Conquests and Kills – and filtered them into a bar graph. The material is sourced to and It goes a little something like this:

Imagine that. I never would have guessed that Pierce Brosnan’s Bond racked up the largest number of dead bodies during his Bond reign, which lasted from 1995-2002. Sean Connery, Roger Moore and George Lazenby seem to have enjoyed similar numbers of conquests in their 007 thrillers. And so far, Daniel Craig’s the hardest-drinking James Bond, with a chunk of his blue bar being dedicated to martinis. And he’s just getting warmed up.

Now I wish I’d paid more attention to Craig’s stats in Skyfall. There’s at least one martini, with a clever riff on the shaken-stirred line. And we definitely see a believed-to-be-dead 007 pounding shots in a tropical bar … but I don’t think that counts. Even so, Craig’s bar will change the most on this particular chart, because he’s purely capable of clocking in at least three more Bond movies before showing any signs of rust. Expect to see all three categories skyrocket before he’s done.

In the meantime, Sam Mendes’ Skyfall, the 23rd Bond adventure, opens in 2D and IMAX theaters on Nov. 9. As we have been pointing out, it’s tremendous (and possibly even Oscar worthy). See for yourself soon enough.

Sean O'Connell
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