UPDATE: A second trailer has premiered with slightly different content. You can see it below as well!

After teasing us for many months about the details of the new James Bond film Skyfall, Sony has finally released a trailer that gives us a good look at a lot of the details, and our first look ever at one of the key actors, Javier Bardem. With blond hair and a terrifying smile Bardem is as intimidating as he was back in No Country For Old Men-- and when going face to face with a defiant Daniel Craig, that's really saying something. Check out the brand new trailer below, and we'll talk more after.

We've been promised ever since the first synopsis was revealed that M's past would come back to haunt her in Skyfall, and from the beginning of this trailer it seems the past is directly tied to Bond, who royally screwed up a mission enough to have a shot fired against him by Naomie Harris (it's entirely possible, of course, that she was aiming for the bad guy and missed, but it's more interesting to think of it the other way). Bond films are so complicated that it's hard to glean from this trailer what happens next, but eventually Bond returns, of course, and shows up to intimidate M from a dark corner in a way only Bond can do.

In addition to seeing Javier Bardem for the first time, we get our best look yet at Ben Whishaw as Q, plus Berenice Marlohe as the mysterious woman who spends time with Bond in the shower, and Ralph Fiennes right there in the beginning as an MI6 agent with the apparent authority to tell M what to do. How do all of these pieces fit together? How does Bond accomplish his resurrection? How on earth did director Sam Mendes and his cinematographer Roger Deakins pull off some of these gorgeous shots? We won't know the answer to any of them-- well, except that last one, we may never know that-- until Skyfall comes to theaters November 9.

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