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James Marsden Joining Elizabeth Banks On A Walk Of Shame

Can it really be considered a walk of shame when the person you’re supposedly ashamed of being with is Elizabeth Banks?

We’re going to have to ask James Marsden that question, as the handsome romantic lead has just been cast opposite Banks in the new comedy Walk of Shame. The project will be the latest from Steven Brill, a director whose credits include early Adam Sandler films, like Little Nicky to Mr. Deeds. Most recently, though, he worked with Banks on Movie 43, which opens in theaters in January.

Shame sounds like a high-concept comedy that should play to Banks and Marsden’s strengths and personalities. Banks will be a high-strung news anchor who spends a wild night on the town, only to realize she has no phone, no ID, no cash, no keys … and the biggest job opportunity of her life waiting for her in a few hours. Bet on her calling on Marsden for help.

Marsden is no stranger to this genre, having romanced everyone from Tina Fey (on 30 Rock) and Amy Adams (in Enchanted) to Katherine Heigl in the putrid 27 Dresses. Before he was typecast as the empty suit standing next to pretty girls, though, Marsden started challenging himself in better movies. He’ll next be seen in 2 Guns with Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg and he'll be seen next year playing John F. Kennedy in Lee Daniels’ The Butler. But if he has to go back to the rom-com well every once in a while, I think doing it opposite someone as gifted as Elizabeth Banks is the right move. And then maybe he can follow the rest of his former X-Men over to Days of Future Past, since dying in a comic book movie universe isn’t as big of an issue as one might assume.

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