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When I talked to him last week for his new film The Conspirator, James McAvoy seemed pretty uncertain on whether or not he'd be able to take up Joe Wright's offer to be part of his new adaptation of Anna Karenina. Turns out McAvoy might have another project in line that would get in the way of that Atonement reunion; according to The Playlist he's now the top choice of director Sacha Gervasi to star in My Dinner With Herve, a biographical account of Gervasi's interview with Fantasy Island star Herve Villechaize just days before the dwarf actor committed suicide in 1993.

Ryan Gosling had been in mind at one point to play the lead role, a journalist based on Gervasi himself, but has since backed away. Peter Dinklage has apparently already done screen tests as Villechaize, which is excellent news not only because Dinklage is the only prominent dwarf actor working today, but because he's phenomenally talented. I'm not saying that just because he was on the first episode of Game of Thrones that I watched last night, but hey, it helps.

If you're skeptical about a movie based on an interview with a minor figure from 70s television, here's how Gervasi describes the character at the center of the piece:

“Herve wasn’t just a pop culture icon; he was one of the most charming, cultured and dangerous people I’ve ever met. His is the story of a unique misfit trying to find his place in the world.”

The guys at The Playlist have read the script, so read over there for even more promising sounding stuff. Really, no matter what the movie is about-- it could be a shot-by-shot remake of My Dinner With Andre for all I care-- the opportunity to see two talents like McAvoy and Dinklage go head to head is enough to get me excited. Funding seems to be in place and there's a script from Steven Zaillian, so it's only a matter of getting McAvoy on board, or finding someone equally as talented to step in if he says no.