At the center of Jane Got A Gun is Natalie Portman, as a woman living in the old West who wants to stop a gang of men from arriving to kill her husband. Surrounding Portman, though, has been an endless revolving door of faces, from director Lynne Ramsey being replaced by Gavin O'Connor after walking away from the first day of shooting to literally every major male role being shuffled around. The film has been underway for several weeks, but only today has the final major part been cast, with Deadline reporting that Noah Emmerich has signed on to play the husband of Portman's character.

Now bear with us, because this is where it gets complicated. Michael Fassbender was originally set to play Portman's former lover, whom she calls upon for help when her husband gets in trouble with his gang, but then he dropped out, leading Joel Edgerton-- who was originally going to play the gang leader-- to step into the role. Jude Law was recruited to play the gang leader until he also dropped out following Ramsey's departure, which led director Gavin O'Connor to recruit Bradley Cooper to replace him. In all of this shuffling it doesn't seem that anyone has been on board to play the husband, which indicates it's a smaller role than the former lover and the gang member-- after all, the husband arrives home to his wife riddled with bullets. He's probably laid up recovering while his wife steps into action.

Emmerich is a full 16 years older than Portman, though we're willing to look past that-- the Old West was a weird place-- for the sake of a drama that still seems intriguing despite everything. With a cast finally, properly in place, maybe O'Connor can help his film move past all this drama. If what's on screen manages to match what happened behind the scenes, he'll be in the clear.

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