I feel certain this is just bad timing. Variety reports that Janet Jackson has joined the cast of Tyler Perry’s sequel to Why Did I Get Married?, titled Why Did I Get Married Too?. Before you start screaming corpse-licking opportunism (of which there’s been quite a bit in the hours since Michael Jackson’s tragic death), note the date stamp on the story, which puts it as being published before the news on MJ really broke.

So with that disclaimer, I’m here to tell you that Janet Jackson will return to acting by reprising her role as a successful psychiatrist and author in the Tyler Perry universe. She played the same part in the first film and now she’s back for the part two. So far, she’s the only actor aside from Tyler Perry who’s confirmed to return. The original boasted such notables as… well… no notables. They should have no problem getting them back and Tyler Perry should have no problem making yet another movie for almost nothing thus earning a huge profit even if no one outside his tiny fanbase shows up to see it, and therefore keeping himself in the Oprah rich lifestyle he’s become accustomed to. R
Why Did I Get Married? followed a group of college friends who go on vacation and start questioning their relationships when one couple’s infidelity is discovered. Here’s hoping they’re able to get Keith Sweat back to do the sequel soundtrack.

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