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Jared Leto hasn't acted in a film since Jaco Van Dormeel's 2009 film Mr. Nobody, but now he's finally ready to make his way back to the movie scene. The 30 Seconds To Mars frontman has signed on to star in Dallas Buyer's Club, the AIDS drama that is being directed by Canadian filmmaker Jean-Marc Vallee (The Young Victoria).

The Hollywood Reporter, which first reported Leto's casting, says that the actor will be playing a flamboyant HIV-positive cross-dresser. It was orginally rumored that the role would be played by BAFTA-nominated actor Gael Garcia Bernal, however, he was never officially attached.

The story, based on true events, centers on a Texas electrician named Ron Woodroof (Matthew McConaughey) who discovers that he has been diagnosed with AIDS. Given only six months to live, he began an operation to smuggle "alternative drugs" into the US that he would use to both help himself and others suffering from the disease. While Woodroff was able to stave off death for a number of years, he eventually ran into serious trouble with the law. Leto's character is a friend of Woodroof's who works to help him out. Jennifer Garner is also attached in a major role.

Melisa Wallack (Mirror Mirror, Meet Bill) and Craig Borten wrote the script and Robbie Brenner, Rachel Rothman-Winter and Nathan Ross are producing. Production will start on the film next week in New Orleans. Leto's previous credits include the David Fincher films Fight Club and Panic Room, as well as Oliver Stone's Alexander and Andrew Niccol's Lord of War.

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