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Whether you know Jason Isaacs as Lucius Malfoy of the Harry Potter films or the vicious British colonel of The Patriot or just about anything else he's done, you know he can have a terrifying screen presence when he puts his mind to it. But just in case you needed extra proof, check out this exclusive new clip from the indie Western Sweetwater, which is now available on VOD and in select theaters.

A Sundance Film Festival selection earlier this year, Sweetwater stars January Jones-- very much breaking out of Betty Draper mode-- as a woman forced to fight to protect her land when a malevolent preacher (Isaacs) tries to steal it from her. The film also stars Ed Harris, and in the clip above you can see Jones standing behind her husband (Eduardo Noriega) as he attempts to negotiate a truce… but one you know won't last. Fpr more on the movie check out the trailer below, or catch it for yourself now on VOD or in theaters.