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Jason Segel To Go Undercover 80s Style

Jason Segel may be one of the most likable guys working in movies today. As Da'Vone McDonald so elegantly puts it in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, "He's like Gandhi, but better - he likes puppets." The guy constantly puts out an amazing positive energy, whether it be as Marshall on How I Met Your Mother or Jason in Knocked Up. Hell, the guy even managed to make being a stoned out loser look adorable in Freaks and Geeks. Needless to say, I'm all in favor of Segel getting more roles and his newest sounds excellent.

THR reports that Dreamworks, in coordination with Steven Zaillian's Film Rites, is setting up a project called Undercover Cop with Segel in mind to star. Currently being scripted by Jason Micallef, who wrote the upcoming Butter, the plot details are slim, but the film will be set in 1980s New Jersey and see Segel infiltrating the criminal underworld.

It's strange, but one of the reasons why I like this idea so much is because Jason Segel, who stands at 6'4", is so tall that he kind of sticks out of anywhere - not exactly a quality you want in an undercover police officer. If there's even a single Springsteen joke in the trailer, I will be sold wholeheartedly.

Eric Eisenberg
Eric Eisenberg

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