Will Jennifer Aniston Join Courtney Cox In Scream 4?

Before Courteney Cox successfully resurrected her her post-Friends career with Cougar Town, she worked on the short-lived drama series Dirt. Constantly battling low-ratings, they decided to get Jennifer Aniston to make a guest appearance in the first season finale, where the two actresses shared a completely over-hyped kiss. It was the only time they had shared screen-time together since the end of the show that made them both famous, but now it looks like they may be reunited again. Just don't expect to see them having much interaction with each other.

Star Magazine reports that Aniston may be joining the cast of Scream 4. Seen with Cox at the Crystal + Lucy Awards where the magazine got the scoop, the actress formally known as Rachel Green will be the opening scene victim, following in the footsteps of Drew Barrymore, Omar Epps and Liev Schreiber. According to an "insider," (not specified inside of what) "Scream has always been an important part of Courteney’s life, and she wanted Jennifer to be a part of the production."

Much like any story that comes out of the British tabloids, feel free to take this announcement with a grain of salt. Star is primarily known as a gossip magazine and considering the report doesn't name the source nor give context for how they got the information, it's highly suspect. Frankly, though, the choice would actually make some sense, as the Ghostface killer is obviously not limiting himself to teenagers anymore if he is still after Sidney Prescott some ten years later. Should it be true, you can be sure that Gale Weathers will be the first to report on the scene.

Eric Eisenberg
Assistant Managing Editor

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