The world can't get enough of Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence, so Relativity Media is taking advantage of your thirst for the all things Everdeen by unveiling their first trailer for her first venture into horror, House at the End of the Street. Shot well before she took up the bow as Katniss, this spooky feature has Lawrence playing Elissa, the new girl in town, who strikes up an ill-advised relationship with Mark, the boy next door whose sister not-so-long-ago slaughtered their parents then fled into the woods and vanished. Max Thieriot and Elizabeth Shue co-star.

Last week we shared House at the End of the Street's first look, which revealed little, much to the delight of director Mark Tonderai. However, the latest trailer—courtesy of MTV—gives away far more of the film's plot, with some potential spoilers in the mix. Don't say we didn't warn you.

I'm typically baffled when horror trailers reveal more than their basic premise and a few quick scares, as undercutting the mystery often diminishes the appeal. Really, with Lawrence in the film this first trailer could have played up her presence without unveiling much of anything and still gotten plenty of attention. And yet it shows something stranger than marketing's choice to showcase Mark's sister emerging from the basement: a bevy of time warps. There's plenty of reverses here, not just in the footage and chronology of the film, but also in the graphics—which are regrettably reminiscent of the dismal horror dud Dream House--and some backwards audio. What does this trailer's time-bending mean? Is it just an editing device to make this promo pop? Or does this imply House at the End of the Street will employ some non-linear storytelling? The latter is an intriguing option that could make this flick a standout, but we'll have to wait for the next trailer for an answer.

House at the End of the Street hit theaters September 21st.

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