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With two Oscars nominations already behind her, not to mention the surprise horror hit Mama, Jessica Chastain pretty much has the world at her feet. Does she really want to wear a loincloth for her next step?

Well, it might involve Alexander Skarsgard also in a loincloth, if that sweetens the deal at all. The New York Post says that Chastain is now the top choice to star as Jane in the Tarzan remake in the works at Warner Bros., which had Skarsgard on the shortlist to star back in November. Harry Potter franchise veteran David Yates is also on board to direct, and though we haven't heard much about the project since the fall, it was included in a deal that Warner Bros. struck to present their films in IMAX, so clearly they've got big plans for it.

Any version of the Tarzan tale is going to require some serious updating, especially since the flop of another Edgar Rice Burroughs adaptation, John Carter, is fresh in a lot of minds. Chastain doesn't seem like the kind of actress who would take a job as arm candy to a hunky Tarzan, but the revamp might make the role a lot more interesting than we'd imagine. And after all, in only two years of seeing her movies in theaters, Chastain has established herself as an actress willing to do just about anything. Why not add vine-swinging to the resume?