Is Jessica Chastain Playing Captain Marvel? Here's What She Says

While Jessica Chastain has certainly been been a name floated by fans as a potential candidate to play Marvel Studios' Captain Marvel, you may not want to immediately get your hopes up too high. While the Academy Award-nominated actress has been linked to the comic book movie company before, she has now gone on record saying that she has not had any conversations about starring as the big screen version of Carol Danvers.

This rumor started thanks to a recent interview that Jessica Chastain did with MTV, during which the subject of working with Marvel Studios came up. During the interview, the actress confirmed that she did have talks with the company in the past, but now she has taken to her personal Twitter account to deny that any of the conversations were about playing Captain Marvel.

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What Chastain is likely referring to in her Tweet is the time back in April 2012 when it was reported that she was considering a role in Shane Black's Iron Man 3. Along with Diane Kruger, Gemma Arterton and Isla Fisher, she was a candidate to play the role of Maya Hansen in the superhero movie - though it had been said that she was really Marvel's first choice. Ultimately, the actress publicly revealed that things were not going to work out due to scheduling issues - but she did offer some hope from the future at the time, writing on her Facebook, "Hopefully they'll be another Marvel film in my future." The role, which actually wound up being rather small, eventually went to Rebecca Hall:

Rebecca Hall Iron Man 3

The Iron Man 3 situation wasn't the end of the superhero chatter from Jessica Chastain, and she even commented on the genre just a few months ago in other interview. There, she expressed a desire not to play a girlfriend or someone's daughter or a supporting character, but instead a hero who gets to fight and "wear a fucking cool costume." So here is the question: if Marvel Studios isn't already talking to Jessica Chastain about the role of Captain Marvel, what exactly is the hold up? It sounds like she would be game for the part, and she is easily one of the most talented actresses working today. It's a match made in heaven, and a move that fans would surely love.

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