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It's been a long, hard road for I Love You Phillip Morris. It's been nearly two years since the film played at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival and since it has gained and lost distributors at a rapid pace. Finally, back in August, the rights were purchased by Roadside Attractions and a release date of December 3rd was set. Audiences will finally get to see Jim Carrey fall in love with Ewan McGregor, and now we have a new poster to celebrate.

EW has premiered a new one-sheet for the film and orange-and-blue aside, it's pretty creative. Forming a heart with the two leads over barbed wire is a nice touch and the handcuffs in the title are quite spiffy. All in all, it's a hell of a lot more creative than most posters we see these days.

Check out part of the poster below and head over to EW to see the rest. I've also included the film's trailer below just in case you've forgotten about it (nobody could blame you).

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